Crazy Little Thing Called...Love (Movie)

Yesterday (Valentine's Day), I saw a link of "A Crazy Little Thing Called...Love (Part 1)" on my Facebook feed. I was feeling kind of melancholic that time so I tried to get a glimpse on the first part. However, I didn't finish the whole part due to the slow internet connection (but I got a feeling it's cute) so I searched for its trailer on Youtube. Funny thing is that, I was having a chat with Maybelle that moment and I sent her the link to the Part 1 without me even watching it full version. To make the story short, she was the one who finished the movie first. Grrr. But it was okay. I want some thrill. :D

"First Love" aka "Crazy Little Thing Called...Love" is a 2010 romance-comedy Thai movie starring Mario Muarer "P'Shone" and Fern Pimchanok Luewisetpaiboon "Nam", directed by Putthiphong Promsakha na Sakon Nakhon and Wasin Pokpong. (Not bad for the first Thai movie I ever watched since I've always love Korean love story movies.) If you want some reminisce on your high school days, I recommend you to watch this movie. I'm sure you'll be young again having all those fuzzy "kilig" feeling when you were infatuated/ in love the first time (Okay, crushes are counted).

Here's the movie's official trailer in HQ.

Watch the whole movie here: (It contains English subtitles so don't worry). Thanks to the video's rightful owner.

Part 1 (15:00)
Part 2 (14:52)
Part 3 (15:00)
Part 4 (14:49)
Part 5 (15:00)
Part 6 (14:56)
Part 7 (15:00)
Part 8 (13:20)

Enjoy your Post-Valentine movie! :)
*Time may pass but true love waits

/EDIT: My movie links aren't working anymore because the owner removed it from YouTube. I suggest you try to download the whole movie via kickasstorrents. Comment below if it did/didn't work! :)

XoXo, Meryll <3


  1. this movie is so cool ''
    awesome ..

  2. ahh '' BDW .. yung youtube with full version wla na .. di na nagana .. buti nlang tapos ku na panoorin nung na block yung video '' :)

  3. @Jennifer: Thank you for informing us that the movie links are not working anymore. Boo YouTube, but good thing you finished watching! :p

  4. hi.. i think there will be another part of this movie..i also love this movie.. it reminds me when i was in high school

  5. @Anonymous: Hi! Do you mean a sequel of the movie? That's pretty exciting! Yes, this movie reminds us of high school and all. Thank you for dropping by! :)

  6. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah !!! :""">

  7. where can i download the movie full version in free?

  8. @Anonymous: Try here: http://www.kickasstorrents.com/first-love-crazy-little-thing-called-love-2010-vcd-thai-movie-t4716384.html
    Hope it works! :)

  9. My tears can't stop from falling from my eyes! I soo love it! ♥

  10. yyyiiiieeee so nice...=)

  11. i really want to watch this do you where can i watch this exept in youtube i really want to watch it

  12. @Chrisha: Hi! You can download the movie on the link I posted thru kickasstorrents. Let us know if it worked! :)

  13. ang cute tlga nito...xD
    cute ung boy..cute din ung girl..BAGAY sila..
    kaso medyo naiyak lng ako dun sa SAD PART..
    sobra ang kilig ko dito sa movie na ito!!
    i love it!!

  14. ang ganda tlga ng movie na to....super like ko clang dalwa...sana mganda ung remake ng pinas jan

  15. this movie is too cute for words! i just finished watching it and im sure by now all the hype about this film has gone down already but asdfasdsdfg it's super adorable <3

  16. can u make part 2 please of this coz i really really like this movie !!!!!!!!!!! of all the movie i've watch this is the only movie i really really like !!!!!!!!!!!!!!